Best Places To Do Stand Up Paddle Boarding in NQ

March 12, 2018

Best Places To Do Stand Up Paddle Boarding in NQ

Easter is coming, what's your plan for this year? If you plan to travel in North Queensland, do SUP with your family will be an forever memory. We list the best places in NQ. where you can do paddle boarding so you can set up your SUP game.

Lake Eacham

Lake Eacham, in Crater Lakes National Park, about 68km or just over one hour’s drive up the Gillies Range from Cairns. A clear, blue lake surrounded by cool rainforest. You can free paddle on wide Lake Eacham. Calm water is perfect for beginners.

Grays Bay

One of the most picturesque bays in North Queensland is Grays Bay - one of the few places on the East Coast where you can watch the sun set over the ocean. It really is a treat, especially when the stand up paddleboarders are silhouetted against the darkening sky. When the tide is in, the water laps less than a metre from the road, and with its azure water, white sand and rocky outcrops, it is truly spectacular. Bring your SUP for coastal adventuring.

Mackay Marina 

Enclosed area for stand up paddle boarding, and there is a SUP school - Pro paddle Mackay at Marina village which offers the SUP lessons. Do SUP is an ideal holiday family fun in Mackay.

Whitsundays-Shingley Beach

It is right next to the picturesque Abell Point Marina and Lagoon. Beach right in the heart of Airlie Beach. The water is calm and you can hire the paddle boards from Whitsunday Stand Up Paddle and Kayak. 

Strand Townsville(Tobruk pool end)

The front of Tobruk pool which is where most of the people put in to go for a SUP, as close to Marina, the water is normally peaceful and clear. Townsville SUP club also does social paddle boarding here. Just be careful during stinger season from November to April.

Most Islands(Magnetic island, Fitzroy island, Green island, etc.)

Many islands in North Queensland are suitable for SUP if the weather is good. Water is clean and you can hire SUP from island directly. 

Don't wait, just plan your trip on SUP in North Queensland and enjoy a different Easter!