Choose inflatables or hard paddle boards?

April 27, 2018

Choose inflatables or hard paddle boards?

Most of our customers ask us for the recommendation on choosing inflatables or hard boards. It is hard to make a choice, as each side has its own advantages. To help you make decision easier, we are going to explain the ideal person for inflatables and hard paddle board. We believe you will can have answer after reading this.

The performance of the latest inflatable paddle board which uses pre-laminated technology is very close to hard paddle board. So when you make the comparison: the following factors should be considered:

1. Portability 

2. Storage

3. Pefromance

4. Cost


Inflatables are the easiest board to carry, you don't have to install a roof rack on your car or change to a big car. The board can be packed as small as a trunk. It is easy to store on the back of your car. What's more, you can take it on plane, that means you don't have to hire a board when you are travelling. Just carry your Lovely board wherever you go.


When considering about iSUP or hard board, you also have to think about how much storage area you have in your house. If you live in an apartment or home without garage, iSUP is a good choice for you. 


When it comes to the performance. although the iSUP is very near to hard board, some skilled person still prefer the hard boards. Hard paddle board is best board if you use paddle board for surfing or racing.

But if you just use it for leisure, you can think about iSUP


If you are on a budget, inflatables are typically less than hard paddle board, its relative low cost makes it good for first-timers or families.


Choose iSUP if you:

Have limited storage area

Travel a lot

First-timer on a buaget

Need a board for flat water cursing and leisure.

Choose hard board if you:

Using it locally

Want to catch waves 

You want optimal performance