The 1st you should know about inflatable SUP

February 01, 2018

The 1st you should know about inflatable SUP

Inflatable standup paddle boards (iSUPs) is becoming popular recent years. Compared to hard boards. iSUPs is more convenient for store and travel. But many customers have concerns about iSUPs, like bad stiffness, not durable, pain to inflate etc. We thought it was about time to prove iSUPs performance right now, right here.

The 1st part which we thought it is so important that everyone should know it before choosing an iSUPs is the construction of iSUPs.

There are 3 standard constructions: single layer, double layer and pre-laminated technology.

The following image shows the difference of 3 constructions:

Single layer:

Double layer:

Pre-Laminate technology

From the above images, we can see the difference is:

Single layer: Just single PVC layer

Double layer: Double PVC layer

Pre-laminated technology: Pre-laminated double PVC layer to one strong shell.

Real stiffness comparison:

The following table shows the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 constructions:

 Single layer Double layer Pre-Laminated 
Advantages Advantages Advantages
Lighter Stiffer 2kg lighter than double layer iSUPs
Maintains shape Stiffer
More durable Stonger
Maintains shape
Disadvantages Disadvantages More durable
Loses shape Heavy Airtight
Not stiff Hard to roll Easy to roll
Not durable Cosmetic blemishes



Double layers iSUPs and Pre-laminated iSUPs stiffness are very close to hard board and even more durable than hard board. There are plenty videos online show a truck ride on iSUPs and the board is no problem with that.

Pre-laminated iSUPs is stronger than double layers iSUPs and 2kg lighter than it. That's a big difference.

So now you get the 1st important idea about the iSUPs. Hope these information can help you choose a right iSUP for you.

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