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10'6 x 32", 11'3 x 32", 12' x 33"

  • The 10’6” does it all, offering long glide for easy entry with manoeuverability and reactivity on the wave.
  • 32” width offers stability for riders up to 90kg, with speed and efficient tracking.
  • Significant upgrade to the bottom shape and rocker transforms this popular wave rider.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pink Carbon.
  • 11’3” length combines glide and manoeuverability.
  • 32” width is stable for riders up to 100kg and easy for tracking.
  • Great for flat-water cruising and long board style performance in the surf.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pink Carbon, Rainbow, Bamboo, Mahogany and Platinum
  • 12' long is the entry-level board for all aspects of the sport providing a stable platform for the heavy rider or multiple riders.
  • One of our best selling boards due to its versatility for many riders and conditions.
  • The 33” width offers a stable platform for entry-level paddlers up to 120kg.
  • 12’0” length is the longest in the all round range and has the fastest glide.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pink Carbon, Bamboo, Mahogany and Platinum.
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10'6" x 32"  11'3" x 32" 12' x 33"
Glide 7 8 8
Tracking 7 8 8
Stability 7 8 10
Manoeuvrability 8 7 6

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