NXBOARD makes every effort to produce our stand up paddleboards to the highest quality and standards in the industry. We offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty on our paddleboards and accessories for peace of mind. We undertake quality checks in our factories and in our warehouse in an effort to guarantee each board’s quality before collection or shipping to our customer. Due to the nature of stand up paddle boarding we cannot warranty the performance of any board or shape for individual riders and varying levels of skills and abilities. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee against damage or breakage to your stand up paddleboard and cannot protect or warranty against circumstances outside of our control. Please refer to and follow our Care & Maintenance instructions. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

1 YEAR Limited Warranty

The 1 year Warranty begins effective the day the retail customer purchases the product as identified on your invoice and is non-transferable. If within the 1 year period the product becomes defective, you will need to contact NXBOARD immediately.  You will be asked for a copy of a sales invoice and photos of the defective product in question, as well as original packaging material to verify if damage was due to freight. NXBOARD will thoroughly review and determine if the product falls under manufacturing defects and within the 1 year warranty period.

If it is deemed a manufacturing or material flaw, we will provide repair, issue a full replacement product if product cannot be repaired. The 1 year Warranty does not include products that have incurred damage or breakage from use or your transportation of product. The warranty also only applies to the original owner of the NXBOARD stand up paddleboard.

Warranty does not apply to boards that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight or intense heat or boards that have incurred damage or breakage from usage. 

Warranty does not apply to incorrect setup or if used in commercial, rental or teaching environments.

Cosmetic flaws that do not affect the functionality or performance of the boards are not applicable and not covered under the warranty policy.

Warranty does not apply to damages or failure due to fair wear and tear; damage resulting from impact, misuse, neglect, excessive external abrasion, alteration, loss or unauthorised repairs.

Warranty does not apply to broken or buckled boards, natural discolouration, damage or loss to a third party.

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